Hedge & Tree Planting

Create a shade, boundary or feature buy planting the correct hedges and trees in the best location. We'll plan the solution for you.

You reap what you sow  

Shrubs and flowers create the life of any garden so it's important to keep them in good condition with regular pruning.

Shape your gardens future  
Hard Landscaping

Creative transformation & construction plans. Offering small landscaping improvements to extensive landscaping projects.

Creative landscaping  
Boundry Fencing

Keep your property safe & secure. All styles of decorative, boundary & security fencing suited for domestic, commercial & agricultural.

Know your boundaries  

Hedge Cutting

A well-maintained hedge provides a visually pleasing boundary to any garden. If not maintained left correctly, a hedge can soon lose its shape and end up casting unwanted shade. We can offer an ideal pruning schedule so you can keep hedges under control without any worry or effort. We understand most evergreen hedges should be trimmed and pruned two or three times a year, while they’re actively growing. Conifer hedges such as leylandii need regular pruning or these fast-growers will soon outgrow their location.