• SpringPressure Wash
    Before commencing on your garden improvements, bring your outdoors back to life by brightening and cleaning off hard surfaces. Get rid of moss and bring back stone, decking, pathways and patios to their former glory.
  • SpringWeeding
    Recognize the areas of your garden that need attention and tackle the unwanted weeds a small patch at a time, working outwards. Keep a track of whats growing and whats not, encouraging spring growth.
  • SpringLawn & Soil Care
    Mow the lawn with blade on a high setting. Then apply our quality approved and tested lawn feed, and over-seed in areas that show signs of wear and tear. Scarify to remove dead grass, roots and moss.
  • SpringHedge Cutting
    Keep your boundaries looking smart buy pruning and cutting when the blooms fade. Trim 2 or 3 times a year whilst they are actively growing, encouraging a great shape with thick and healthy growth.
  • SummerLawn & Soil Care
    High temperatures can reduce lawn growth due to possible drought conditions, so cut on a medium setting. Watering your lawn early in mornings or evenings is essential to reduce areas of browning.
  • SummerWeeding
    Summer is here and gardens are abloom. Unfortunately, your herbs and veggies aren’t the only things that love this time of year. Garden invaders, like sorrel, clover and crabgrass are growing strong too.
  • SummerTree Pruning
    To direct the growth by slowing the branches you don’t want; or to slow “dwarf” the development of a tree or branch, pruning should be done soon after seasonal growth is complete. Shape, and get rid of low hanging limbs.
  • AutumnMulching
    With generous dollops of mulch, your soil will be less prone to drying out and improved in texture. Remove perennial weeds and spread a layer of the mulch 3 inches deep. Don't apply to dry soils; wait for a good downpour.
  • AutumnLawn & Soil Care
    Raise the height of the cutting blades and mow less frequently. Scarify to remove dead grass, roots and moss. Aerate your lawn with a garden fork or spiking machine. Remove Autumn leaves that fall and collect on your lawn.
  • AutumnLeaf Clearance
    Autumn leaves may be beautiful; but when they start to fall and pile up on the ground they can be a real chore for gardeners. Clearing prevents suffocation, but leaving them on beds and borders can create useful mulch.
  • WinterPressure Wash
    After a damp and wet winter, your outdoor surfaces such as patios and pathways will once again be coated in moss and grime. A quick clean and wash will give it that well-maintained look again.
  • WinterApple Tree Pruning
    Regular pruning of apple trees is necessary to promote more fruit bearing growths, and therefore more fruit. There are 2 pruning seasons for apples, being summer and winter. Avoid the leaving all the growth on the tree.

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